.Crypto Domain Owners Can Now Be Verified With Twitter Accounts for Safer Payments

Blockchain startup Unstoppable Domains and oracle network Chainlink have launched a new feature allowing individuals or entities with blockchain domains to authenticate themselves using their Twitter accounts.

  • Announced Tuesday, the Twitter authentication service lets .crypto domain holders verify address ownership via the MyEtherWallet app.
  • The feature is powered by Chainlink oracles, which connect each .crypto address from Unstoppable Domains to a public Twitter username.
  • The firms said the Twitter authentication could help stem crimes in cryptocurrency payments such as phishing hacks.
  • The verification is confirmed on-chain, where users are visually notified over whether the recipient they are sending funds to is legitimate.
  • “It’s time to remove fraudulent practices from blockchain payments,” said Kosala Hemachandra, MyEtherWallet founder. “Adding your Twitter handle to your blockchain address provides a missing layer of transparency to make crypto safer.”