Casa Rolls Out ‘Bank-to-Wallet’ Bitcoin-Buying Services for US Customers

Cryptocurrency custody platform Casa’s users can now purchase bitcoin (BTC) on the platform using their bank account. 

The platform announced on Thursday that it is currently rolling out the service for its U.S. customers, and that the bought BTC would be directly deposited to a user’s wallet. Casa said users can buy a maximum of  $20,000 worth of bitcoin per month using this service and that platform levies a fee of 0.99% on every purchase.

  • According to Casa CEO Nick Neuman, the BTC is procured via partner platform Wyre. He said that because all BTC purchased with Casa is being sent on-chain directly to users’ wallets, every purchase also includes a mining fee. 
  • A mining fee is also levied by crypto exchanges, generally at the point when users transfer their digital assets to their own wallet.