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This package describes how we will setup ProfitTrailer and/or PT Feeder on your Vultr VPC.

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Ok, so you’re ready to jump in with ProfitTrailer (PT) and/or PT-Feeder (PTF), but, purchasing is the easy part. Setting up takes time. Especially if you want to make it secure. We’re talkin hours here, unless you have an ops background.

Good news is, we do, so let us do the setup for you!

This package will setup any of the following:

  • 1 Instance of ProfitTrailer for either of the exchanges
    • Bittrex or
    • Poloniex or
    • Binance
  • 1 instance of PT Feeder in addition
  • Nginx reverse SSL proxy for one domain host

Note: Make sure if you want to use the host name SSL cert that your DNS records already resolve correctly. Since this can take a while, we usually recommend that you add the A Record as soon as you have the VPC ip address.

After the process our installer will tell you:

  • How the directories are setup
  • How to connect in via ssh to your instance
  • How to connect to your PT monitor
  • How to start|stop|restart your services
  • How the profitbot user works


  • 1 VPC with root access running Ubuntu 16.04 or 17
  • 2 Bittrex, Polonex, or Binance api keys with secrets (make sure you do not allow these keys to pull funds – they should be trade keys only)
  • Username and password for the PT web monitor basic authentication


  • Provide a telegram bot id and chat id to have Telegram notifications turned on
  • Provide a domain host that maps to your VPC ip for Let’s Encrypt SSL


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