Masternode Installation


10080.13 USD/BTC


Let us install the masternode of your choice!

HODL for next level investing

Botting is fun and all, but many people have found solace in profit making using masternodes as another form of ‘mining’. If you have decided you have interest and just aren’t up to the task of setting it all up, we are here to help secure your staking investment.

Our team of expert installers are ready to help you get your masternode up and running. We understand that setting up some of these can be daunting, and you don’t want to be unsure if you’ve set up your masternode correctly. Let us alleviate that pressure and get your node up and running ASAP!

Additional information

Supported Nodes

ALQO, ARTAX, Bitcoin Lightning, BitSend, Blocknet, ColossusCoinXT, Crave NG, Crown, Crown SN, DASH, Deviant, Digiwage, Dinero, ExclusiveCoin, Galactrum, GoByte, ION, LUXCoin, Magnet, MEDIC Coin, Memetic, Monoeci, PACcoin, PIVX, PURA, RAPTURE, Rupaya, SCORE, Shekel, SmartCash, Social Send, Terracoin, Zcoin, ZOIN


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