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PT Feeder (PTF) is an add-on tool for Profit Trailer (PT) that automatically monitors the markets and adjust PT settings in real time.

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If you are completely new, please make sure you read the following before purchase: Is this the right product for me?

PT Feeder (PTF) is an add-on tool for Profit Trailer (PT) that automatically monitors the markets and adjust PT settings in real time.

Feeder can do the following:

  • Auto switch between different market configurations according to your settings and the current market trends
  • Detect optimal trailing buy and sell per coin based on market situation
  • Adjust most configurations per pair automatically based on market situation
  • Dynamic generation of all properties files for Profit Trailer.

Telegram notifications

PTF supports notifications via Telegram so you can see when it is updating the settings for your bot. PTF will send your Telegram bot channel (setup is provided on the Crypto Profit Bot PTF wiki) updates based on how the markets are moving. This will include:

  • market type
  • BTC price percent change
  • top coins percent change


  • dotnet 2.0.x framework
  • Known to work and tested on Ubuntu, Mac 10.x, WIndows


Disclaimer: Even though we have been seeing good results with PTF, there is no guarantee of profits – we cannot and you will have to use this add-on at your own risk. Please see the Terms & Conditions for our refund policy before making this purchase.

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Bittrex & Poloniex

Bittrex & Poloniex

Binance & Poloniex

Binance & Poloniex

Binance, Bittrex & Poloniex

Binance, Bittrex & Poloniex

6 reviews for Feeder – Add-on for Profit Trailer

  1. richardluo0506 (verified owner)

    Hi my payment went through, wondering how I’m receiving the license for the addon? Thanks.

    • JRod JRod

      Can you contact one of us in telegram and we can sort you out?

  2. mateus Grasso

    Hello I would love to support your product by sharing in our youtube channel and community. Can we make an refferral partnership with you? send me an hello ! Thank you

  3. mr_bilal_ahmad (verified owner)

    Hey JRod, how long till the download is available? Ive heard great things bout PTF and itching

  4. thepinkertons (verified owner)

    This is definitely a great addition to PT…. Its a no-brainer, you will save more than the price of this awesome addon when things start to change in the market(and they are always changing in the crypto-sphere) GREAT JOB !!! If you are thinking about getting them to help you set it up then you should definitely do just that. Love you guys THANKS!!!

  5. stefi300972 (verified owner)

    this thing just blew me away, i was daily updating settings with Profit Trailer, then i added this and now no settings to adjust well maybe the pairs, profit and how much max per spend but thats it and is on one page only in profit feeder, also now this is added i see that each coin has its own buy settings and not one setting does all, these are updated automaticly . this add on is easily worth the cost of the profit trailer itself

  6. lewiejls (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Profit trailer is very difficult to make run properly without profit feeder acting as the brain behind it, constantly updating settings. Highly recommend the install service unless you’re really familiar with programming (which I’m not).

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